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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Launch of Shanghai - Hong Kong Stock Connect

HONG KONG: The Hong Kong exchange (HKEX) announced on Monday (Nov 10) that 'The Shanghai - Hong Kong Stock Connect', a trading link between Hong Kong and Shanghai's stock exchanges will start on Nov 17, 2014 (Monday), this move is expected to lead to billions of dollars in daily cross-border transactions. The move will grant foreign investors unprecedented access to China's 24 trillion yuan (about US$3.8 trillion or S$5 trillion) bourse and create the world third largest shares market entity.

The exchange link marks one of China's biggest steps towards opening up the capital account, increasing use of the yuan and turning Shanghai an international financial center.

Starting Nov. 17, 2014 (Monday), foreign investors can trade 568 Stocks listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange through Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX).

Mainland Chinese investors can trade 268 stocks listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

For more detail, please go to Shanghai-Hong Kong stock connect 

or PDF for Stock connect

As competition heated up, Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX)  likely to link up with the Taiwan Stock Exchange probably first half of next year to improve more volume transaction.